Increasing Biodiversity on Brandon 2

Jenny and Anna of SNAV met with Joy and Louisa to walk through the Brandon 2 Estate last week. The grounds offer a huge amount of potential to increase biodiversity We talked about wildlife-friendly plants, signage for community engagement, reducing mowing while keeping a mown border along walkways – as is being agreed on the Elmington Estate! – adding mulch, landscaping the many rain gardens which are already built into the estate but are currently mostly unplanted, and adding planters to upgrade the charming stepped-brick feature garden. In addition to participating in the Great Estates program, Brandon 2 Gardeners have been awarded a Cleaner Greener Safer to help them develop community gardening on the estate and start composting. Congrats and good luck Brandon 2! We are all looking forward to a more biodiverse future.

Lambeth on the right side of this path, Southwark on the left..
Could this become a landscaped path through a meadow with clumps of flowering hawthorn and spindle trees?
The building’s roof drains to these charming future-garden spaces. SNAV and Brandon Gardeners consider their Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems and rain garden planting options

Lots of potential for improvement – could this become a wildlife-friendly, native and sustainable showcase entrance?