You can take action to support nature and biodiversity in Southwark neighbourhoods and green spaces. 

De-pave. Plant a wildlife hedge or wildflower patch.  Organise a community gardening group, or adopt a local public green space. Stop mowing the lawn, or talk to your local maintenance team about reducing mowing. Walk, cycle, or take public transport instead of driving.  You could even sell your car and join a carshare instead– convert your parking place to a garden! Even just picking up litter has powerful cumulative impact, sending the message that our green places are cared for and valuable.

See below for some ways that you can get started, and some of the projects SNAVers have been involved with. If you have a project or event you’d like volunteer help with, contact us at or join our google group and post an ask!

Action How-to Guides

SNAV Projects

Here are some of the ways SNAVers are springing into action. Contact us if you’d like to join in!

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