CGS Proposal: First steps toward biodiversity at the Magistrates Court

This proposal is for the area around the old Magistrates Court site behind Camberwell Green – part of a wider scheme for a green route for nature between Burgess Park and Camberwell Green. The site around the magistrates court is an opportunity to extend the green space at Camberwell Green by depaving around the site.

This year, we propose to 

1) Protect the two vulnerable, damaged trees on the corner with temporary traffic protection measures and 

2) Depave the central reservations on Elmington Road and Kimpton Road, to improve the trees’ health and add perennial planting.

We have 4 purposes:

  1. We would like to consider this work as Phase 1 of a larger depaving and greening scheme, as the roads here are unnecessarily double width in this quiet residential area
  2. to set an indicator for a greener, more biodiverse direction of the Magistrates Court redevelopment
  3. to stop sending messages of public space neglect and “planning blight”, as evidenced by overpaving and damaged trees
  4. To improve the health of the existing street trees ahead of the upcoming development
  5. To begin to extend some nature benefit beyond Camberwell Green and get started on the southwest entrance to Camberwell’s green corridor leading to Burgess Park and Brunswick Park.

Expected costs

Temporary traffic protection measures around the trees –  £1-2k 

Remove the concrete on the central reservations – depave at £40 per m sq, plus pollinator friendly planting. £2-3k, so between £3 to £5K total.

We have received support from Julian Fowgies, Arboricultural Team, John Best, Ecology Officer, and Friends of Camberwell Green. We have support from Sophy Taylor of SE5 Forum which is also promoting green corridors in Camberwell.