Mid-Elmington Estate Block is getting Greener

The over-paved block bounded by Hopewell, Picton, Elmington, and Brisbane streets is the focus of Southwark Council’s innovative new Great Estates program, with potential support from Thames Water and other sources. The Elmington Community Gardens group is spearheading the direction for improvements. SNAVer Anna has been contracted to help with design coordination and is working with the team to maintain a focus on encouraging and supporting biodiversity, despite low maintenance budgets. Proposed changes include depaving, increased planting, new bin storage to help manage litter and rubbish, and new bicycle storage.  Community meetings were held on the basketball court on 20, 21, and 22 November to discuss the design, and commenting is open online. We hope to complete construction in the spring. Below is a sneak peek at some of the proposed changes.

1 thought on “Mid-Elmington Estate Block is getting Greener”

  1. This is a fantastic initiative but not ambitious enough. More trees, softer edges. Remove walls and permeable paving. Spill the landscape into the streets, they are so grim and bleak around Elmington,

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